Sealing Glass

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Sealing glasses are used to produce reliable hermetic seals between glass, metal, and ceramic components. Over the decades, SG has developed glass with various Coefficients of Thermal Expansion (CTE) and softening temperatures. By matching the CTE and softening temperature of our glass to whichever material you intend to seal it with, an ideally mated, thermally stable seal can be achieved.


  • Resistance to chemical attack
  • Stability under thermal cycling
  • Ability to be laser-bonded
  • Matching softening point between sealant glass and sealed material
  • Lead-free solutions for practically all possible applications
  • Custom new formulations and formulation modification expertise


  • Glass-to-metal seals
  • Glass-to-glass seals
  • Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC)
  • Flashlights
  • High-temperature sensor applications
  • Molten sodium batteries (Na/S, Na/NiCl)
  • Solar cells

Sealing Glass

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