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Abrasive Glass

SG offers an assortment of traditional abrasives and superabrasive vitrified bonded products. SG can provide a custom formulation and production process in any size from small lab testing quantities to tons.

Dental Glass – Inert

SG's Inert (aka nonreactive) Dental Glass is manufactured using our state-of-the-art technology to provide maximum strength and durability to any dental composite.

Dental Glass – Reactive

Reactive (aka Ionomer Cement) systems include a liquid and glass combination that are specifically designed to mate with each other.

Silanated Glass

SG offers silane surface treatment as an option for all our glasses. Silane surface treatment improves the mechanical strength of Dental Composites and improves the ease of mixing glass fillers into dental resins.

Sealing Glass

Sealing glasses are used to produce reliable hermetic seals between glass, metal, and ceramic components. Over the decades, SG has developed glass with various Coefficients of Thermal Expansion (CTE) and softening temperatures.

Bioactive Glass

SG's Bioactive Glass utilizes its biocompatibility and bioactivity attributes to function as implant devices in the human body to repair and replace diseased or damaged bones.

Ultra Fine Glass

SG Ultra Fine Glass refers to the process we use to grind glass into micron sizes as small as 0.7um. Ultra Fine glass has applications across countless industries. We can tailor the glass particle size to whichever size you need.

Glass Forming

SG has the ability to machine customer specific molds or you can choose from our range of standard molds.

Annealing and Tempering Treatment

SG's techniques for annealing and tempering glass were developed and refined through decades of glass manufacturing experience for strength, durability and safety.

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