Abrasive Glass

Product Information

SG offers an assortment of traditional abrasives and superabrasive vitrified bonded products. SG can provide a custom formulation and production process in any size from small lab testing quantities to tons.


  • Abrasive grain wetting during firing
  • Dimensional stability
  • Compatibility with abrasive material
  • Friability - wears away with abrasive
  • Maintains desired porosity for coolant
  • Diamond and cBN grain vitrified bonding for optimum performance and service life.
  • Customers can customize an "in-house" vitrified bond mix for abrasive grains, by proportioning different sized grinds to modify porosity, bond strength and hardness.

Abrasive Glass Products

Material Data

Product Number Composition Class CTE
(x10 -7 / ℃)
Fiber Softening Point
VB0218 Si-B-Al-R2O 46 712
VB0625 Si-B-Al-R0-R2O 54 666
VB0527 Si-B-Al-R2O 56 765
VB0224 Si-B-Al-R0-R2O 47 NA
VB1125 Si-B-Al-R0-R2O 83 600

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