Our Production Techniques

Innovative Production Techniques

With the utilization of a wide variety of innovative production techniques, Specialty Glass provides its customers with a custom-tailored experience, designed to meet your unique glass needs. Leveraging our industry experience and unique equipment, SG is capable of melting and processing glass and glass ceramics for your research and development projects or larger scale production volumes. SG can design and build equipment and furnaces needed to manufacture glass into frit, cullet, powder, rods, molded parts or custom specifications.

Furnace Melting

Crucible and day tank furnaces for melting are used to produce glass compositions tailored to our customer's specific requirements. With a new crucible or dedicated day tank, cross contamination is effectively eliminated, further ensuring customer satisfaction.

Frit / Cullet

Our melting facilities provide high quality, contamination-free products. Frits, either water quenched or roll quenched, are manufactured to standard or customer specified compositional requirements, with specific physical properties.


Utilization of crushing, dry and wet milling equipment allow SG to deliver coarse to fine micron-size powders.


Specialty Glass utilizes standard or customer specified glass compositions to be drawn or cast into rods of various sizes and shapes.


SG can form glass using a unique process of molten glass injection molding, direct pours into custom molds, and various other forming techniques.

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