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Product Information

SG offers silane surface treatment as an option for all our glasses. Silane surface treatment improves the mechanical strength of Dental Composites and improves the ease of mixing glass fillers into dental resins. Recognizing the wide-spread use of silane-treated glass in the Dental Restorative Industry, SG has responded with a product line that improves upon traditionally available materials.


  • Ideal hydrophobicity
  • Targeted monolayer of silane
  • Reproducible silane content
  • Large batch sizes for lot-to-lot consistency
  • Competitive pricing
  • Established inventory for quick turn-around
  • Flexible, fully customizable process capable of producing any silane %

Specialty Glass Product

Silane % Testing

  • Traditional analysis report silane levels as the calculated amount of silane added in the initial formulation. However, SG uses both Quantitative and Qualitative methods to measure the actual silane that is bound to the glass surface, AFTER the silanation process is complete.
  • Quantitative — SG uses Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) to measure bound silane, while differentiating the silane from residual moisture, via thermal cycling of the sample.
  • Qualitative — The "Float" test demonstrates that all glass particles have been coated with silane. Properly treated particles will remain hydrophobicand float on the water surface

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